Xixarito PX

An extraordinarily concentrated sweet wine of intense raisiny fruit. The natural sugars from the PX grape undergo partial fermentation and alcohol fortification before ageing for 15 years in the solera.

Xixarito represents the second tier of wines from Bodegas Barón. An uber fashionable design led label is aimed at the more discerning and style conscious consumer or establishment.

The montage of images on the label depict events in the family’s history; these notes on the design are by Bodegas co-owner Juan Luis:

“Its design is a tribute to my grandfather’s nickname ‘Xixarito’ – it is like Chicharito (little pea) and is a reference to his bright green eyes. Each part of the label is a piece of life of my grandfather, the winery, the winery dog, my uncle Venenciando, my grandfather in disguise with my grandmother, the bull symbol, the flag of Sanlúcar, the sidecar motorcycle he had when he was young, the ship is that of Christopher Columbus. Egg with peas is the sun. There is also a story about an Elephant… but that’s for another time…”

A little obscure perhaps, but then so is the design!

Tasting Notes:

Ebony coloured with great viscosity. The nose is dominated by dried fruits – raisins, figs, dates – plus chocolate and coffee. Has a velvety and creamy palate and a rich, balanced sweetness.