Maeloc was established in 1998 in Galicia, north west Spain and named after the 6th century bishop of Bretona, a local settlement of Celts.

Galicia has a long tradition of apple growing and is the largest cider region in Spain.

Maeloc’s premium craft ciders are made the traditional way from apples not concentrate – using selected varietals sourced solely from over 1000 Galicia orchards, with all fruit being fully traceable. 10-12 apples are required for every litre of cider.

Fermentation is with wild yeasts and from pressing to bottling the process takes about five months.

Maeloc is part of the Mercado de la Coshcha (Harvest Market) which is heavily involved in local community support, helping to promote orchards in the rural areas of Galicia and the development of organic apple farming. 100% of the pulp left over from the cider making process is used for the feeding of farm animals.