Maeloc & Pineapple/Pear Cider ~ 33cl

An exotic blend where a traditional apple cider blends with the fresh and intense aroma of pineapple (20% juice) with pear notes (10%).

Maeloc ciders are made the traditional way from apples not concentrate. For Maeloc, 10-12 apples are needed for every litre of cider – 100% single origin Galician apples are sourced from over 1000 growers, allowing ingredients to be fully traceable – and wild yeast is used in the fermentation.

All Maeloc ciders are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Bronze medal – International Cider Challenge 2018

Tasting Notes:

Cloudy, due to fruit content, this is a refreshing cider with tropical notes of pineapple and pear on nose; on the palate soft and sweet pineapple notes come together with the pear´s acidity and the apple cider´s crispness..

A great match with spicy dishes, oak smoked Cheddar and Gruyere.

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